Proffiz is software & product engineering company with delivery center in Eastern Europe (Lviv, Ukraine). The company is founded by the professional team with 14 years of diverse experience in IT industry covering North America and EU markets.
We understand the value of your time and money and do utmost to identify the most effective approach to meet your objectives. Following the latest trends on the market we apply Agile methods which allow us to be always in-line with changing business environment. Proffiz specialization covers both - cutting-edge and legacy technologies used for software engineering. We are experienced in enterprise-level projects as well as in innovative startups.

Proffiz focuses on building trust and transparent relationship with its Customers. We can pick up your project at any stage to complete it within defined constraints. If you have an idea – we will create a real product for you, if you have an old-fashioned application – we will convert it into innovative one or maintain it as is.