Our Process

Good engineering process is vital for project success.
How we do it.
Every single concept requires strong expertise to be transferred to solid technical and business solution which corresponds to market demands. We consider every single Customer as a unique one and choose an approach that corresponds to his needs. Our strong point lies in adopting of development processes that are easy and transparent to our Customers.  
One of our key approaches is implementation of prototype which proves correct understanding of your business goals.
Result matters.


Doing things right is not enough to ensure positive result.
We use Agile to make sure that what we do corresponds to what you need.
Proffiz chooses Agile as a preferable set of software engineering methods for developing software. Considering it as the most efficient approach to build time-to-market software, client receives entire flexibility of overall development process.

Using means of Agile, software development is organized in an iterative way where each single iteration produces potentially shippable deliverables. Unlike Waterfall style, where at the beginning of a project you invest a huge amount of efforts into comprehensive analysis phase, in Agile you eliminate waste of resources for investigating features which will never be implemented. Instead you focus first on fast delivery of the most important functionalities which are on top of your list.

Utilizing the mechanism of regular features demos, you receive permanent feedback from application users that enables you to adopt requirements as an ongoing process. Software requirements usually evolve over time due to changing situation on the market, end user needs and even due to the fact that it is not feasible to elaborate correct requirements for a complete solution without using it in real life. Thus, you avoid the situation when a finished application does not correspond to your goals set at the beginning.

Key concepts that we are following with Agile is empowering your business with continuous improvement of product and processes to make it even more perfect than it already is.